MasterPass & Heartland

Offer your customers a secure and easy way to pay online with MasterPass

Grow online sales and lower your cost of payment acceptance with MasterPass, available in Heartland’s Secure Submit SDKs and plugins. MasterPass is a digital wallet that helps reduce friction at checkout by providing customers a swift, seamless, consistent checkout experience across all connected channels—computer, tablet, mobile. Talk to our team today to learn more.

Grow online sales

With one simple login, customers can pay with any payment card, anywhere, on any connected device when they use MasterPass - helping increase online sales by reducing the number of steps needed to complete a purchase.

Reduce online fraud

MasterPass employs multiple security measures to help keep your customer's data safe and reduce the chance of fraud, including Mobile Verification and a three-tiered authorization process to protect payment card information.

Lower cost of payment acceptance

Payment processing, funding, and reporting for MasterPass are managed by Heartland, helping you save time by consolidating back office functions.

How does MasterPass work?

Paying with MasterPass is simple and secure for consumers:

Customers select the MasterPass payment option on your website and sign into their wallet.

Next, they select their billing address and payment type to complete their purchase.

Customer’s verify the purchase details and submit their order. MasterPass then securely transfers their payment and shipping information to your website’s confirmation page, where they complete checkout.

The payment information is submitted to Heartland for processing and you get paid for the order just like any other payment type with no changes to funding, settlement and reporting.

Register for Secure Submit

By registering with Secure Submit, payment information goes directly from the cardholder’s browser to our payment gateway—so the card data never enters your network, and complete control of your website’s branding and navigation is maintained.

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Integrate with Heartland

To start processing MasterPass transactions from your web-based application, download one of our easy-to-install plugins or build your solution from scratch using one of our MasterPass-enabled SDKs.

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