Discover & Heartland

Open your business to billions of consumers around the world

Discover gives you access to one of the most popular U.S. payment cards and much more.

As a Heartland merchant, you’re already equipped to process Discover. But did you know that by accepting Discover you may be able to process Diners Club, China Union Pay*, JCB* and other major international cards?

Global opportunity

Make it easy for international consumers to buy from you by accepting their preferred payment type. Sales from cross-border purchases represent billions of dollars in e-Commerce volume – with the U.S. as one of the most popular destinations for online shopping. Furthermore, cross-border online shoppers spend twice as much as consumers who shop online domestically. Discover helps your business capture this growing market by making it easy to accept popular international cards supported through the Discover Global Network.

65 Countries

Easy activation

When you accept and display Discover signage on your website, you help increase your sales opportunity because you are welcoming billions of loyal cardholders from around the world. Simply enable Discover in your shopping cart, and you’re ready to begin processing this and other cards that are part of the Discover Global Network**.

Your customers’ payment of choice

Accepting your customers’ preferred payment type helps increase sales and reduce cart abandonment. In the U.S., 25 percent of consumers will abandon their online shopping cart if their preferred payment method is not accepted . Also, accepting Discover helps improve customer loyalty among Discover cardholders:

  • 31% have a lower opinion of merchants that do not accept Discover3
  • 79% prefer to shop at merchants who accept Discover3

In addition to the billions of Discover Global Network cardholders from around the world, one in four U.S. households has a Discover card, making this an important payment type to accept online for domestic consumers.

Register for Secure Submit

By registering with Secure Submit, payment information goes directly from the cardholder’s browser to Heartland’s payment gateway—so the card data never enters your network, and complete control of your website’s branding and navigation is maintained.

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Integrate with Heartland

To start processing Discover transactions from your web-based application, download one of our easy-to-install plugins or build your solution from scratch using one of our SDKs. Next, simply select Discover as a displayed payment type in your online checkout, and you’re good to go.

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1 PayPal Cross-Border Research 2014
2 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper, March 2015
3 C+R Research, Consumer Research About Perceived Acceptance, 2014
* Union Pay cards run on the Discover Global Network in the U.S. and Mexico only. JCB cards run only in the U.S.
** Additional registration for China Union Pay may be required.