Consumer Authentication (3-D Secure)

Increase sales, reduce fraud and lower cost of payment acceptance with Consumer Authentication

Online fraud is a concern for e-commerce merchants of all sizes as criminals increasingly use counterfeit and stolen card data online. From Q2 2015 – Q1 2016 card-not-present fraud increased 137% and is expected to grow as more merchants convert to EMV (making it more difficult to use stolen cards at brick-and-mortar locations).*

Heartland’s Consumer Authentication helps merchants reduce the risk of online payment fraud with minimal disruption to the checkout process. Powered by CardinalCommerce®, a leader in Consumer Authentication, this service is available within Heartland’s Secure Submit SDKs and shopping cart plugins.

What is Consumer Authentication?

Consumer Authentication provides e-commerce merchants with an additional layer of fraud protection by validating cardholders with their issuing bank when making a purchase online. Supported by the major card brands, Consumer Authentication leverages 3-D Secure protocols such as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, Discover ProtectBuy and American Express SafeKey to help authenticate online consumers and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Using Consumer Authentication can help with the following:

Increase sales and improve authorization rates

Authenticated transactions generally have better authorization rates since the cardholder is validated by their issuing bank

Reduce friction at checkout

Unlike traditional 3-D Secure programs that can lead to cart abandonment, Heartland has worked with CardinalCommerce to provide merchants with preset rules for when consumers are presented with authentication – providing the perfect balance of risk assessment with the least amount of friction.

Minimize risk of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks

Consumer Authentication helps prevent potentially fraudulent transactions from being processed. Also, chargeback liability for authenticated transactions or where authentication was attempted may be shifted to the issuing bank

Lower cost of payment acceptance

Thanks to potential interchange savings, protection against chargeback fees and reduced labor costs related to manual review and chargeback mitigation

How does it work?

During the merchant’s checkout process, Secure Submit sends the cardholder’s information to the issuing bank. The issuing bank’s 3-D Secure solution and the cardholder’s enrollment determine what happens during the authentication process. Based on the response, merchants have the option to choose how to manage authentication for different transaction scenarios:

  1. When issuing banks do not fully participate in 3-D Secure. These transactions have zero friction as the consumer is not prompted to authenticate themselves with their card issuer.
  2. If the issuing bank has a risk-based (RIBA) solution, the issuing bank either:
    • silently authenticates or declines the authentication with no consumer interaction or friction.
    • challenges the cardholder to step-up with a dynamic pass code or other challenge method.
  3. Traditional 3-D Secure programs that incorporate standard static passwords for each transaction.

In all of the above, when authentication is attempted for non-participating issuers or successfully occurs for the others, the merchant receives full benefits for potential interchange savings and chargeback liability shift.**

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To start using Consumer Authentication from your web-based application, download one of our easy-to-install plugins or build your solution from scratch using one of our Consumer Authentication-enabled SDKs.

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**Interchange rates and chargeback liability rules for authenticated transactions may vary among card brands.

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