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Secure Submit

Grow online sales, reduce PCI compliance scope and start accepting online payments faster with Secure Submit.

Follow the steps below to get up and running with Secure Submit in just a few minutes!

1. Register for the portal

Register now and start building your integration today. Your API keys will immediately appear under the "API Keys & Credentials" menu.

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2. Download and install a plugin

Heartland is plugin compatible with most of the leading open-source shopping carts and platforms. You can be up and running with your platform of choice in less than five minutes.

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3. Build your own with our SDKs

Looking to do something a bit more custom? We have you covered. We offer simple to use, well-documented SDKs in PHP, .Net, Java, Python, Ruby, nodeJS and ObjectiveC.

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4. Test and certify your integration

If you are using one of our shopping cart plugins then you can skip this step. Otherwise, it only takes a short amount of time and will help squash bugs before they get to production.

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Fast, Simple Conversions

Secure Submit is a javascript payment snippet that works with many e-Commerce shopping carts and platforms. Downloadable plugins and SDKs in popular programming languages make integration a breeze – helping to minimize development and begin accepting online payments through Heartland faster.

Grow Online Sales

Heartland makes it easy for your customers to pay whether they prefer to use a credit card, digital wallet, check, or gift card. For repeat purchases, Heartland supports multi-use tokenization which enables customers to store a card on file. Our easy-to-use payment form makes checkout a breeze for customers and reduces cart abandonment since there are no redirects. ?

Secure Online Payments & Reduce Fraud

According to an independent analysis completed by Coalfire, using Heartland's patent-pending tokenization technology (baked into each of our Secure Submit integrations) can help reduce PCI-DSS scope down to filling out the short SAQ-A form – minimizing time and expenses associated with annual PCI compliance validation. Plus, our gateway supports Advanced Fraud Screening and Consumer Authentication (3-D Secure) to reduce the risk of fraudulent orders.

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