Heartland Point of Sale development

Heartland provides multiple integration solutions enabling you as an integrator to select the approach best suited to your project.


Application Programmers Interface
Each Heartland service provides a rich API to enable you specifically interact with that service. The API is essentially documentation describing how you can interact with the Heartland Service. Generally this is the richest expression of the service, may provide you with the greatest flexibility, but may also require more development and effort and have a more rigorous certification process before you can take a customer into production.


Software Development Kit
Heartland provides an SDK for popular development languages such as C#.NET and Java offering commonly used capabilities for rapid development. By using a Heartland SDK you also reduce the certification requirement down to a quick validation process.


Semi Integrated Solutions
Semi integrated solutions comprise a Payment Terminal with an already certified EMV application that communicates to Heartland. Simply send the device a payment request and it will gather the card information from the cardholder either by Chip read, Swipe or Contactless without the POS application needing to store, process or transmit sensitive cardholder information. SIP solutions use Heartlands End to End encryption to protect data in transit and tokenization to protect data at rest.