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Partner with Heartland

Heartland offers our integration partners a large sales team, safe and reliable processing and the opportunity to generate additional revenue from payment processing. We treat our partners the same way. Integration with Heartland means being a part of our team and growing with us. We look to develop solutions that bring value to our company, merchants and partners.

ISV Integration Partner

Help your customers become EMV-ready with out-of-scope configuration options that separate the POS from the card data and authorization processes. Heartland eliminates the need for the POS system to code for EMV, and to be certified to a processor for card-brand certification.

ISV Referral Partner

Our expert sales representatives are local. Our industry-leading customer service advocates live in the United States, and answer calls in 10 seconds or less. There are no phone trees to navigate or cultural nuances to decipher.

POS Referral Partners interact with relationship managers who actively prospect, reference and close deals with your company.

Integrator benefits

  • Give merchants processing options
  • Direct integration to Heartland’s own PCI-compliant processing center for authorization and settlement
  • No third party software or hardware required at the point-of-sale
  • Choice of programming languages with code samples and client libraries
  • Integrators assigned a dedicated analyst for support and testing
  • No cost for software developer kit, testing, certification or developer support
  • No additional upfront, monthly or transaction costs associated with integrated payments processing
  • Reliable and scalable Payroll and HR Services

Developer & Dealer Revenue Share

  • Ongoing revenue for qualifying developers and dealers
  • Compensation that is clear and measurable
  • Helps cover costs associated with development and maintenance
  • Compensation tracking tools

End-to-End Encryption

  • Data encrypted at the swipe and throughout Heartland systems
  • Your application never sees the card data
  • Facilitates elimination of PA-DSS Scope for applications*
  • Reduces PCI Scope by up to 69 percent for merchants*
  • First in the industry to be validated by third party assessor
  • End-to-End Encryption warranty
  • No key management necessary

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