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Build loyalty and maximize repeat purchases with turn-key CRM and customer engagement solutions.

The Heartland customer engagement platform gives you the ability to apply rewards, campaign management and targeted marketing to your connected device strategy and distinguish your solution in the marketplace.

Our CRM platform is a fast and easy way to create a customer masterfile database and can provide a shortcut in the development of your overall IoT solution. You’re able to utilize the database, login and transaction history capabilities as part of the overall customer engagement solution.

Reward a Gift Card

To create a reward against a gift card you just need to pass in the card and the dollar amount to be rewarded.

Reward Gift Card

$response = $card->rewards(10)
var response = card.Rewards(10m)
import java.math.BigDecimal;

Transaction response = card.rewards(new BigDecimal("10"))
response = card.rewards(10) \
# coming soon
const response = await card.rewards(10)

Next Steps

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