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Semi Integrated Payments

Developers can leverage a pre-built and pre-certified EMV application with an API layer that securely handles chip interaction for payments therefore greatly reducing merchant PCI DSS scope and eliminating PA-DSS scope for the POS software.

Get Started

  1. Browse our terminal & hardware options.
  2. Fill out the VRF.
  3. Upon receiving your completed VRF, we will determine your need for a test device and provide test cases based on your responses in the Validation Request Form.
  4. Respond to that email for integration questions or reach out to us at once you have processed the requested transactions.

Our Integration team will check each transaction to make sure all data is correct for compliance purposes. We will alert you of any issues or changes you'll need to make, or finalize a certification announcement letter based on our review.

Certification is required for any integration for card-present payment processing. If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to our support team at

Out-of-Scope Configuration

  1. POS system sends request to EMV terminal for payment acceptance.
  2. EMV terminal sends transaction request (cardholder data) directly to processor for authorization.
  3. Processor returns authorization - terminal passes response to POS system to finish transaction.

Developer Documentation:

Developer Support