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Fully Integrated Payments

Developers must engineer an EMV interface from the ground up and complete Card Brand certification using the Chip Card testing toolkit to code and test the EMV workflows and interactions. This type of certification requires the POS Software to maintain PA-DSS compliance.

Get Started

  1. Review Portico or Portico Exchange Certification Process
  2. Work with Heartland Integration Team to discuss integration:
  3. Send Certification Request Form to Integrator Management (
  4. Develop & test, contact on call inbox for support.
  5. Once solution is ready for certification, PA is assigned and cert passes can commence!!

Once the solution is validated, a certification letter is sent and you can begin boarding!

In-Scope Configuration

  1. Payment terminal sends cardholder data to POS system.
  2. POS sends transaction data (cardholder data) to processor.
  3. Processor returns authorization response to POS system.

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