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Heartland Gift

Sell and redeem gift cards in-store, online, and mobile through one effortless program with Heartland. Our Heartland SDKs and shopping cart plugins enable you to easily accept gift cards through a single integration. You’ll drive frequency and higher sales with a robust yet easy-to-use program.

  • Leverage traditional gift cards using an online point-of-purchase library
  • Develop loyalty programs using real-time promotions
  • Market business through cross-promotional relationships that lure new customers with preloaded gift cards

Archer is a simple, HTTP-based API for performing basic gift, loyalty, and rewards transactions against the Heartland Stored Value Platform. It is designed completely around standard HTTP features that are supported out-of-the-box by your favorite HTTP client, no matter what language or platform you are using. Alternatively, our SDK can be leveraged to integrate via our main payment gateway.
Katana is a simple HTTP (RESTful) based API for performing basic gift and loyalty transactions against the Heartland Stored Value Platform. It consumes and produces either JSON or XML depending on the clients preference. It also comes with a pre-built Java client that completely hides the transport mechanisms from the client developer.
This document is designed to provide guidance to any party wanting to integrate Heartland Rewards. The document will outline the Heartland Rewards programs offered, and provide use cases for Loading and Redeeming Points through integrated POS.
The Heartland Gift Micros host adapter acts as a middleware between Micros POS systems and Heartland gift, and it allows Micros POS to perform gift and loyalty transactions using the Archer API.
This patch applies TLS 1.2 support to the Heartland Gift Micros Host Adapter and is needed for PCI-DSS compliance.

Next Steps

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