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Fraud Controls

Heartland Ecommerce combats fraud through a variety of anti-fraud tools.

Secure Online Payments & Reduce Fraud

According to an independent analysis completed by Coalfire, using Heartland's patent-pending tokenization technology (baked into each of our eCommerce integrations) can help reduce PCI-DSS scope down to filling out the short SAQ-A form – minimizing time and expenses associated with annual PCI compliance validation.

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Address Verification Service (AVS) and Cardholder Verification Value (CVV) are simple service offered by the cardholders’ issuing banks. With Heartland’s payment gateway, you can elect to send automatic reversals for undesired AVS / CVV result codes, freeing you to focus on your core business logic. As an added bonus, the inclusion of AVS and CVV information during the request helps your transactions qualify for lower Interchange rates, further helping to reduce your overall cost of payment acceptance.

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