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Focus on your platform, not your payment solution.

Whether you're starting up or conquering new markets, Heartland helps you protect, grow and scale.

Heartland provides end-to-end payment solutions for marketplaces, SaaS solutions, vertical commerce platforms and other businesses with complex payments needs. As a full-service processor and recognized leader in payment security, we provide a combination of proprietary technology and consultative support you won’t get anywhere else.

When you choose Heartland, hassles like seller onboarding, sub-merchant payouts and compliance/risk management are simplified, giving you more time to focus on building and growing your business. And when it’s time to scale up, Heartland’s support team will be there with you every step of the way.

Integrating with Heartland for Platforms is similar to any other Heartland integration. First contact us, then follow the same steps for charging an Ecommerce credit card:

Prepare to charge a credit card

using GlobalPayments.Api.Entities;
using GlobalPayments.Api.PaymentMethods;

var card = new CreditCardData {
    Token = "single- or multi-use token"

var address new Address {
    PostalCode = "12345"
use GlobalPayments\Api\Entities\Address;
use GlobalPayments\Api\PaymentMethods\CreditCardData;

$card = new CreditCardData();
$card->token = "single- or multi-use token";

$address = new Address();
$address->postalCode = "12345";

CreditCardData card = new CreditCardData();
card.setToken("single- or multi-use token");

Address address = new Address();
# coming soon
from globalpayments.api.entities import Address
from globalpayments.api.payment_methods import CreditCardData

card = CreditCardData()
card.token = 'single- or multi-use token'

address = Address()
address.postal_code = '12345'
import { Address, CreditCardData } from "globalpayments-api";

const card = new CreditCardData();
card.token = "single- or multi-use token";

const address = new Address();
address.code = "12345";

Not using tokens?

Our SDKs support using tokens in place of card data, but using tokens is optional if you have other requirements. Review other options in the Credit Card section of our SDK documentation.

Charge a Credit Card

The credit sale transaction authorizes a sale purchased with a credit card. The authorization is placed in the current open batch (should auto-close for e-commerce transactions). If a batch is not open, this transaction will create an open batch.

Charge a credit card

var response = card.Charge(10.00m)
$response = $card->charge(10)
import java.math.BigDecimal;

Transaction response = card.charge(new BigDecimal("10"))
# coming soon
response = card.charge(10) \
    .with_currency('USD') \
    .with_address(address) \
const response = await card.charge(10)

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