Heartland Out of Scope

Out of Scope

Heartland Secure: Out-of-Scope completely separates the POS from card data.

When out of scope, the POS transmits transaction details to an Heartland Secure EMV-certified terminal. The terminal securely captures the card data, communicates with the processor, then passes a response back to the POS. Since the POS never receives sensitive cardholder data, it is out of scope for both PCI PA-DSS as well as onerous EMV requirements.

Out-of-Scope represents an extension of the Heartland Secure suite. Heartland Secure itself is the most secure card processing solution in the industry, backed by a comprehensive warranty. Heartland Secure combines three powerful technologies—EMV, end-to-end encryption, and tokenization—to protect card data from the moment of entry and beyond, securing the POS and the merchant from fraudsters and hackers.

Industry-leading breach warranty

Heartland is confident in its solutions and committed to improving card data security. With our Heartland Commerce division, Heartland is now one of the largest POS developers in the industry. All of our Heartland Commerce solutions are now using the Heartland Secure: Out-of-Scope technology. Further demonstrating this commitment, we also offer an unprecedented breach warranty to all merchants who are Heartland Secure and employing Heartland Secure-certified devices—such as those used in our Out-of-Scope solutions—for as long as they’re processing with us, at no additional cost.

Check out our Out-of-Scope SDKs for point-of-sale! these client libraries abstract both the out-of-scope device as well as heartland's powerful portico gateway, providing a single integration point for all heartland services. these heartland sdks currently support the pax technologies family of devices and will be adding support for ingenico devices soon.