Heartland Data Security

Heartland Secure™

Taking the POS out of PA-DSS since 2010.

Heartland offers a suite of data security solutions to help keep software shielded from cardholder data, whether in motion or at rest.

End-to-End Encryption™ (E3)

End-to-End Encryption™ (E3) combines symmetric and asymmetric cryptography to form an "Identity-Based Encryption" methodology which keeps cardholder data encrypted from the moment of the swipe.

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Tokenization replaces sensitive data values with non-sensitive representations which may be safely stored for card-on-file payments.

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EMV, or chip card technology, guarantees the authenticity of the payment card. The microprocessor within a payment chip card provides strong security features and other capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards.

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Secure Submit

Secure Submit for web or mobile applications ("card-not-present") leverages single-use tokenization to prevent card data from passing through the developer's webserver.

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Heartland Secure: Out-of-Scope combines all of the components of Heartland Secure into a pre-certified (EMV "Level 3") and PA-DSS validated payment application, exposing a simple API allowing for a semi-integrated interface with a Point of Sale.

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Your application may need to support one or more of these technologies which are exposed through Heartland's comprehensive SDKs.

If your application stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data in clear-text then it is in scope for the PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

If your app is hosted, or sensitive data otherwise enters directly into your company, then both the app and company are in scope for full PCI DSS audits as either a merchant or service provider.

Many Heartland SDKs and APIs also support the transmission of cleartext cardholder data over a TLS-secured channel. Developers whose applications handle cleartext cardholder data will be expected to demonstrate compliance with the PCI PA-DSS. Likewise, third party developers who are planning on handling cardholder data on behalf of other merchants will be expected to demonstrate PCI DSS compliance as a Service Provider prior to completing certification with Heartland.