Developer Portal

Certification & Testing

To recieve Production Keys, you must begin Cerification. The certification process will differ depending on the solutions and equipment in your unique integration with Heartland. To get started, fill out this form

Next Steps

After we receive your request to start Certification, you will be sent to one of these channels to complete your testing.

Once you are ready to certify your eCommerce integration, fill out the Certification Request Form (CRF) and submit it to and one of our eCommerce team members can start the process. Reveiw the certification process below at your leisure so you will know what to expect.

  1. Register for a Dev Portal account if you haven't already
  2. Fill out the CRF and email it to
  3. Once we receive the completed CRF, we will request a Developer ID and Heartland Software Version Number to be assigned to your integration by our Product Operations Team
  4. Once that information is acquired, we will send it to you along with test transactions to complete
    1. The value and dollar amount for each test transaction need to be run as requested so we can retrieve the correct data for all card brands that are being certified
    2. If the developer needs to test a different value then they must let us know what value and dollar amount is being tested and the card brand associated with the transaction
    3. There shouldn't be any exceptions aside from the whole dollar amount vs having change on the amount being tested
  5. The developer needs to advise Product Operations once the test transactions have been processed.
  6. The team will check each transaction to make sure all data is correct for compliance purposes.
  7. The team will then fashion a Certification Announcement Letter that will be emailed to the developer as well as the Product Operations Team.
  8. The Product Operations Team will add the software to OMS so files can be built upon request.