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Get sandbox account

Certification & Testing

The certification process will differ depending on the solutions and equipment in your unique integration with Heartland.

Integration type

Choose your integration type to get started with certification.

To receive production keys for a customized payment solution created using our SDKs, you must begin certification following the steps below. **The use of a Plugin does NOT require this process. If you are using an existing Heartland plugin or extension, or have previously certified your solution in the past, please reach out to your Relationship Manager or our Online Payments Team with questions.**

Creating a custom payment solution using our SDKs

  1. Register for an account on the Heartland Developer Portal (if you haven't already).
  2. Fill out the CRF (Certification Request Form here).
  3. Upon receiving your completed CRF, you will receive a developer ID, version number, and test cases.
    1. The transaction value(s)/dollar amount needs to be run as requested so we can retrieve the correct data for all card brands that are being certified.
    2. If the developer needs to test a different value they must let us know what value/dollar amount is being tested and what card brand the amount is being assigned to.
    3. There shouldn’t be any exceptions aside from the whole dollar amount vs having change on the amount being tested.
  4. Once the tests have been completed, click the link in the body of the certification credentials eMail. This will send an eMail notification to the Online Payments Team that you have completed all your test cases in order and they are ready to be checked. If a transaction needs to be re-processed, the Online Payments team will advise.
  5. Upon successful completion of the test script, you will receive a Certification Announcement Letter via email. **Note: if you have not received your certification announcement, please reach out to to verify your test cases were completed successfully**

Certification is required for any integration wishing to receive production API keys for card-not-present payment processing. If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to our support team at

Fill out the form below to begin certification. If you do not see the form, you must create an account by clicking the "Get Sandbox Account" button on this site. If you have already created an account click "Sign In".

Once you are ready to certify your card-present integration, fill out the Validation Request Form (VRF) and one of our team members will start the process with you.

  1. Browse our terminal & hardware options.
  2. Fill out the VRF.
  3. Upon receiving your completed VRF, we will determine your need for a test device and provide test cases based on your responses in the Validation Request Form.
  4. Respond to that email for integration questions or reach out to us at once you have processed the requested transactions.
  5. Our Integration team will check each transaction to make sure all data is correct for compliance purposes. We will alert you of any issues or changes you'll need to make, or finalize a certification announcement letter based on our review.

Certification is required for any integration for card-present payment processing. If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to our support team at

This section can pertain to certifications including Portico, Petro, Ecommerce, MOTO, lodging, retail, restaurant, MSR, ACH, EMV, Gift, Recurring Payments and more

  1. Review Portico or Portico Exchange Certification Process .
  2. Work with Heartland Integration Team to discuss integration:
  3. Send Certification Request Form  to Integrator Management
  4. Develop and test your integration. Contact us with any questions.
  5. Once your development is complete, work with your assigned certification analyst to complete required tests.


If you have been assigned a Portico or Exchange integration you may reach out to Portico Integration Support or Exchange Integration Support