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Payment Processing

SOAP/XML API featuring credit, debit, eCheck/ACH, gift, rewards, E3 encryption, tokenization, and more.

Heartland’s legacy host message specification and core payment switch for hundreds of thousands of merchants: supporting credit, debit, E3 encryption, and more.

Data Security

The industry’s premier semi-integrated EMV solution.

Eliminating card data and taking the POS out of PA-DSS since 2010.

Learn more about how Heartland supports this important technology across its many solutions.

Use our direct POST API or hybrid iframe / javascript technology to secure card entry anywhere, or generate multi-use tokens for card-on-file payments.

e-Commerce Solutions

Easy and secure e-Commerce or mobile payment acceptance, including dozens of plugins for popular carts.

Payroll Solutions

Transform your app's basic time tracking into a complete payroll system.

Gift & Loyalty Solutions

Enhance your payment acceptance with gift and loyalty using the same gateway used to accept credit cards, ACH/eCheck/etc.

A RESTful/JSON API for complete Gift+Rewards implementation in a Point of Sale.

a RESTful/JSON API for mobile rewards, virtual card issuance, and more.

Petroleum & Parking

Direct integrations to Heartland’s Network Services host specifications are available by request.

Scalable POS Integration Driver – a middleware product designed to aid POS developers with rapid integration into the Heartland NWS network.

Billing Solutions

Powerful SOAP/XML API for Billers, with comprehensive convenience fee handling.

School Solutions

My School Bucks (MSB) interoperates and shares information with applications running on school district networks. Student and transaction data from the school district is transmitted both to and from MSB at regularly timed intervals via the Internet. This document is intended to describe the functionality of the MSB Data Transfer API.


Heartland Payment Systems Payment Gateway

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